STRAY KIDS world tour STRAY KIDS world tour

STRAY KIDS concert ticket sales were crazy for STAY in the US

STRAY KIDS will be taking over America with their MANIAC World Tour and the ticket sales surprised STAY, were you able to buy a ticket?

STRAY KIDS is ready for their world tour, which will take over many cities in the US and ticket sales are going crazy, are you ready for MANIAC?

STRAY KIDS is one of the best K-Pop groups of the moment, they have taken over the world with their music, they have a lot of fans all over the planet who are dedicated and passionate about these talented idols.

In the past, SKZ went out of Korea for a world tour, District 9 was amazing for STATY from different places in the world. Although the STRAY KIDS tour stopped and the pandemic completely stopped all in-person concerts, there were thousands of fans who were able to enjoy their live show and have something to remember forever.

In early 2022 we were finally able to have in-person concerts once again and SKZ held their second fan meeting with STAY both in-person and online in February, so it was a great event for the fandom. And although it was held in Korea, there was the promise of more shows like this now that it is possible.

So STRAY KIDS decided to announce their world tour with which they will reach many cities in the United States and STAY had to live crazy to get the precious tickets for these shows.

Ticket sales for STRAY KIDS concerts in the United States were exciting for STAY

The ticket sales for STRAY KIDS concerts have begun and STAY had to get into the virtual line of Ticketmaster to get them, at firts some fans could get their tickets but there were also resellers who inflated the prices too much.

STRAY KIDS Maniac Tour | Twitter: @joonslittlecrab

Did you get your tickets for STRAY KIDS tour? We're ready for them, we can't wait to see them.

Resellers raised STRAY KIDS ticket prices 

STAY exposed scalpers who had inflated ticket prices for STRAY KIDS by up to 10 times, the $160 ticket was close to $1,100 with scalpers taking advantage of the presale. Ticketmaster should be more careful with these situations.

Resellers | Twitter: @joonslittlecrab

We can't wait to see STRAY KIDS live in concert, we just have to wait a little bit more for that.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS, do you know what are their favorite perfumes? They smell so well. 

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