STRAY KIDS choses the perfect outfit for STAY

STRAY KIDS will be performing the first concert for their tour "MANIIAC". The members revealed what is the perfect outfit to attend the show.

"MANIAC", the second world tour of STRAY KIDS, is almost here. It will beggin on April 29 with their concert in Korea. There are a lot of expectations for the show.

The members are preparing everything. Despite the busy schedule they have been talking with their fans on social media almost daily.

STRAY KIDS members / By @Stray_Kids

Just one day after the concert, STRAY KIDS appeared on Vlive to have a small talk with the fans. The members revealed a unique dress code for the event. Do you want to know what you should wear?

STRAY KIDS reveals the dress code for their concert "MANIAC"

On April 28 STRAY KIDS was on live broadcasting via Vlive to talk with their fans. The members revealed they are really nervous for their "MANIAC" concert. Apparently the group is preparing some surprises for the show.

The members read out a comment from the fans: If I wear a wedding dress for the concert, would you marry me?. Seungmin replied they will think about it.

Han expressed he is really curious to see what STAY will wear for the concert. Then Bang Chan said:

I still thinking about the wedding dress idea

STRAY KIDS on Vlive / By @19710105

Most of the members were hadding their heads, Felix confessed they cannot show themselves yet. STAY is expecting new hair styles. The chat was short, just 20 minutes of streaming. Eventually, Lee Know concluded the live broadcast:

The show is tomorrow. Please take off your dinner and come to the concert with a lot of energy. You'll need too much energy.

STAY, do you already have your wedding dress? STRAY KIDS needs more than a lightstick.

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