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STRAY KIDS celebrates its first victory anniversary in 'Kingdom: Legendary War'

STAY is taking social media to recall the best of STRAY KIDS' participation in the Tv show "Kingdom: Legendary War". This is how the roups got the crown.

STRAY KIDS performances are not a joke! These super talented Idols always are showing us amazing choreographies that fit perfectly with the insane beats that they produce. Is impossible not to vibe with their tracks as soon as the music starts.

Recently, the group under JYP Entertainment dropped its latest album "ODDINARY" and it was a global success. It reached the greatest spots on the Billboard and iTunes charts.

STAY has too many reasons to celebrate, the group is constantly getting new awesome achievements. However, the fans are in love with the best moments of STRAY KIDS' career. It's the first year since its victory in the show "Kingdom: Legendary War".

STRAY KIDS winning 'Kingdom: Legendary War' / Twitter @anaidskz

STAY celebrates the first anniversary of STRAY KIDS' victory in 'The Road to Kingdom'

In 2021 STRAY KIDS participated in the second season of the Tv show "Kingdom: Legendary War". We also saw extraordinary performances by other K-Pop groups: ATEEZ, BtoB, SF9, The Boyz and iKON.

On June 3th the competition finished with STRAY KIDS getting the first place with ist special performance of the song "MIROH". It was a very emotive moment for the group and STAY. Let's recall some of the best of this show.

MIROH special performance

This show was amazing, the powerful energy of the group is unbelievable. We are not sure, are they dancing or flying?


This amazing show starts with the leader Bang Chan being upsidedown. The coolest wolfs of the industry are here!

The Winner announcement

Of course, we need to watch again the moment when STRAY KIDS got the crowd. The member deserve it!

What was your favorite performance of "Road to Kingdom".

STRAY KIDS has revealed what kind of music the group wants to try in the future. Read more about it here.  

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