STRAY KIDS is ready for its second world tour STRAY KIDS is ready for its second world tour

STRAY KIDS announces Maniac, will their next world tour hit your town?

MANIAC is the next STRAY KIDS' world tour, they're going to visit multiple countries with this one

STRAY KIDS is ready to take the world and that's why the boy band announced its next tour around the world, which cities will the idols visit?

STRAY KIDS is one of the most popular groups in K-Pop, it has gained a lot of love and fans thanks to its music and members who are full of talents and abilities which are shown everytime they get in the studio or they take the stages with an amazing performance.

STAY is all over the world and something that the fandom really wants is to watch them live, the idol group had some performances with public and the fans were expecting for their promised world tour. The first one was back in 2019 with Districk 9: Unlock, when SKZ visited the US, but most of its dates in 2020 had to be cancelled.

That's why STRAY KIDS' fans wish there was a new world tour, it's been a long time since international STAY was able to watch them live, and even if they held their fan meeting which was streamed online so all the fans could watch it, it's not the same if we get to see them live.

And as SKZ promised at the very beginning of 2022, its next world tour is ready and they'll take different countries with Maniac, will you be able to see them live?

STRAY KIDS announces its second world tour, the group will visit these cities with MANIAC

Through STRAY KIDS official social media, the idol group shared the poster for its next world tour, it'll start in April with a concert in South Korea, then the group will visit Japan and US too, here we have the full teaser for you to find the dates and places that'll have a SKZ's concert.

STRAY KIDS' MANIAC, its second world tour | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

As you can see, the poster promises more dates to come, so we're expecting for more tour dates and places that will be taken by STRAY KIDS.

How much will STRAY KIDS concert ticket be?

 During last tour, STRAY KIDS tickets had a price range of USD $69-$199, we expect that for the second world tour they'll duplicate, so maybe we will have a price range of USD $139-$399. Are you ready to waste all of your savings to watch STRAY KIDS live?

STRAY KIDS will hit the world with MANIAC | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

We're so excited!! We want to see STRAY KIDS perform live, and this might be our chance, what about you? This is a show that you can't miss.

But if your city is not in the tour dates, let's keep waiting together and listen to some STRAY KIDS songs which are made with a lot of love

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