STRAY KIDS and NCT Dream show their mutual love and support in Japan

STRAY KIDS and NCT Dream performed the same night at Venue101. The Idols showed a little bit of their friendship in Japan.

Have you already listened to "CIRCUS"? It is amazing! Right now STRAY KIDS is promoting its new Japanese album with the same name. Not just the fans in Japan are loving the project but the whole fandom all over the world.

All the tracks for this comeback are great from the "MANIAC" Japanese version to the ballad "Your Eyes" and of course, the powerful title single. No matter what language the group uses, it always gave us the greatest hits.

STRAY KIDS for Venue101 / Twitter @skzinfoesp

As you may know, the last few weeks have been full of comebacks of various K-Pop groups. It is the perfect opportunity to see interactions between our favorite artists. We just saw the adorable friendship of STRAY KIDS and NCT Dream.

STRAY KIDS and NCT Dream revealed a little about their friendship

On June 10th STRAY KIDS performed at the Japanese show Venue101 the new version of "MANIAC". During the same night, NCT Dream was a guest on the show to perform "Beatbox". At the end of the show, both groups had a short interview.

NCT Dream for Venue101 / Twitter @NCTDREAMCENTER

The host asked the Idols if they already know each other. Immediately, NCT Dream members gave an enthusiastic response:

NCT dream: Yes!!

Chenle: Yo Felix!

Mark: STRAY KIDS, do your best!

STRAY KIDS members were also happy to listen to the words of their colleagues. They answer "We will do our best!". The fans of both groups are noticing that the Chenle called out Bang Chan's name without saying 'Hyung. It seems like they're quite close.

Meanwhile, Jeno and Renjun were dancing the maint point of MANIAC choreography. Their appreciation for STRAY KIDS music and performances is real! What do you think about the adorable interaction?

STRAY KIDS is inspiring tons of celebrities. Don't you believe us? Just check this story.

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