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STRAY KIDS' Seungmin shares behind the scenes of the 'MANIAC' concert in Newark

STRAY KIDS is resting in the United States. While they are in lockdown, Seungmin is sharing the best of their "MANIAC" concert in Newark.

The pandemic is almost over, but the COVID is not leaving yet. The dynamic of the whole world has changed. We are trying to go back to our normal lifestyles, but his heart is the most important thing.

STRAY KIDS just started its world tour in the United States. When the ticket sale was open, ins just a few hours all the "MANIC" concerts got sold out. The popularity of the group is out of this world!

STRAY KIDS in Newark / Twitter @Stray_Kids

Unforutanly, the singer of "Thunderous" were forced to cancel some shows because three members were diagnosticated with COVID. According to Bang Chan, all of them are good and recovering well. STAY, do you miss them? Well, Seungmin is revealing more about their concerts.

Seungmin shares the behind of stage of STRAY KIDS' world tour "MANIAC"

On July 5th Seungmin posted on the STRAY KIDS official Instagram account some pictures of their concert in Newark. We see the talented Idol standing in the scenario of the Prudential Center. The photo was taken during the rehearsal, but we can feel his excitement.

A bit late but, Newark.

Seungmin's post / Instagram @realstraykids

It seems like the Idol really enjoyed the beautiful view of the city. He dropped a photo of the gorgeous sunset in Newark. That's not all, STAY had the opportunity to see a little bit more of the rehearsals thanks to his photos.

Picture by Seungmin / Instagram @realstraykids

Seungmin revealed a couple of selfies taken in Newark. For sure it was a special night, this show was in charge to open the tour in North America. All the members and the fans had a meaningful concert.

Seungmin in Newark / Instagram @realstraykids

In a few days, more STRAY KIDS will be back on the road. Apparently, the K-Pop sensation will be back on the scenarios in Los Angeles on July 9th. There will be two concerts in that city. Meanwhile, the fandom is hoping they can rest plenty.

Dis you know that Han is called a 'human vitamin'? Felix has explained why he is so important for STRAY KIDS.

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