Seungmin impressed IU with his voice Seungmin impressed IU with his voice

STRAY KIDS' Seungmin impressed IU with his vocals with Love Poem cover

Seungmin has impressive vocal ranges and the STRAY KIDS idol once received admiration from IU when he performed one of the singer's songs

It's been a year since STRAY KIDS' Seungmin joined other idols to cover IU, and she was impressed by the SKZ member's vocal ranges.

STRAY KIDS is an idol group full of talented kids who are very dedicated to music.  Among this boy band we find the best rappers, vocalists and dancers who make up a perfect formula in K-Pop, making their band as successful as it is right now.

STAY is the faithful fandom that is dedicated to showing all its love and support for SKZ and its members.  Among the group's idols we can find Kim Seungmin, who has been a vocalist for the group and part of its VOCALRACHA subunit.  He has a sweet voice and great ranges.

Seungmin with his voice gives a unique stamp to each STRAY KIDS song, it does not matter if it is the title track or B-Side, he will do his best not to lose those tones that give contrast and great beauty to each track of this boyband.  And alone we have also seen the talent of this member of the group shine.

A year ago, Seungmin joined other amazing K-Pop vocalists to cover IU and what was his surprise to see that the original singer had actually praised the STRAY KIDS idol's singing.

IU was impressed with the cover of Love Poem in which STRAY KIDS' Seungmin singed

For the survival program 'Kingdom', in which various idol groups were participating, STRAY KIDS' Seungmin, BTOB's Eungkwan, and ATEEZ's Jongho joined together to cover IU's original song 'Love Poem'. She really loved this version and even shared it on her Instagram Stories as she had been impressed by the idols' voices.

This is how IU was happy to listen to this cover by the idols:

IU shared Love Poem's cover on Instagram | Instagram: @dlwlrma

 Seungmin also covered IU's Through The Night

Seungmin is a big fan of IU and he once showed it with his little cover of 'Through The Night' that he did a cappella at a STRAY KIDS fansing. Seungmin's voice is beautiful and it really brings a special feeling even to this cover of the famous solo singer.

We love Seungmin's sweet voice and the covers he has done to IU, he is an extremely cool artist that we love listening to at all times.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, here we have the tracklist for their next Japanese comeback with 'Circus'. 

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