STRAY KIDS has a new achiviement in its story with ODDINARY STRAY KIDS has a new achiviement in its story with ODDINARY

STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY is a huge hit on its first day of release

STRAY KIDS has the full support of STAY and in this comeback with ODDINARY the group's already reaching new milestones and records

ODDINARY was a success since its pre-sale and with the release of this new STRAY KIDS album, the group breaks a personal record thanks to the support of STAY.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most relevant K-Pop groups at the moment, the talents and abilities of its members have managed to conquer millions of fans around the world. Each comeback is more remarkable the exponential growth of this group internationally.

This is why their releases from the second half of 2021 were an imminent success, 'NOEASY' and 'Chrismas EveL' brought SKZ to the top. This group became JYP Entertainment's best-selling group in a short time, thus proving their great fame and popularity.

STAY couldn't wait any longer for a new STRAY KIDS album, which would surely have as much quality as their previous releases. And it's finally here, SKZ had their comeback with 'ODDINARY' an amazing mini album that you can now listen to on all digital platforms.

But even before its release, 'ODDINARY' was already succeeding, that's how from presales it was very successful and on its release day it is proving that it will be a new record in STRAY KIDS history.

STRAY KIDS breaks their own sales record with ODDINARY, its comeback is the most successful

On its first day of release, ODDINARY achieved 500k sales, which has made it STRAY KIDS' best-selling album on its first day since 'NOEASY' only managed around 356k. These are added to the 1.3 million copies that had already been pre-sold.

STRAY KIDS' ODDINARY and its big success on the first day of release | Twitter: @Stray_Kids

This is how STRAY KIDS is succeeding once again with ODDINARY, their comeback is being a great success and they will surely continue to accumulate achievements in the coming days.

Maniac from ODDINARY is also being a success for STRAY KIDS 

'Maniac' is ODDINARY's tile track, for which STRAY KIDS released an official MV full of adventures starring its idols and this one is having great success as well. In the past comeback, STAY worked hard to achieve 10 million views in 24 hours, this time, the fandom is also working hard but it's almost reached 10 million in much less time than months ago with 'Thunderous'.

The STAY stream will have a great result, this time it seeks to have 12 million views in the first 24 hours of ODDINARY and it is a figure that seems very attainable for the fandom since they are working hard to reach it.

Keep reading more about SKZ while you're doing stream, maybe you can take this quiz which will tell you who from the band will be your true love.

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