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STRAY KIDS' Lee Know explains why he can't focus during their practices

STRAY KIDS members love to play around while they have a rest time at the practice room. Lee Kwon has revealed how this chaos distracts him.

There is no doubt that the energetic and complicated choreographies of STRAY KIDS need the members to practice for many hours. The Idols put a lot of effort working to get flawless performances. 

However, not everything has to be super serious during these practices. In order to relieve the stress the members tend to joke around when they have the opportunity.

Do you want to kwon how STRAY KIDS practices are? Lee Know has revealed an interesting activity usually the group do. We are telling you everything.

Lee Know from STRAY KIDS / By @2kzrr

Lee Know shares everything about STRAY KIDS practices

On May 23 STRAY KIDS Youtube channel dropped a new episode of "2 Kids Room". This time Lee Know and Seungmin are talking about their relationship. Seungmin revealed that his teammate ussually hits the buts of the members.

Lee Know explained that he takes the chance when one of the members is district or doing something else during their practices. The rest of the members hit each other as well when someone can't get focus. Lee Know added:

I can't focus during practice nowadays!

You guys are flashing your butts and taking off your shirts!

How can I focus there?

A few weeks ago during live broadcasting, a fan asked Hyunjin the reason why Lee Know likes to hit butts but the Idol didn't know the answer. Anyways, it seems like the members have a lot of fun at the practice room.

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