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STRAY KIDS' Lee Know creates a pudding euphoria with hilarious viral video

STRAY KIDS members always share what they like the most. Without intention, Lee Know has been promoting a pudding brand.

Is very common to see K-pop artists working with tons of brands. Makeup, skincare, perfumes, food, cellphones, and even cars, for sure you can find your favorite Idol promoting one of these products.

The labels know how powerful can be these talented singers as influencers, especially if they are one of the most popular groups of the moment. This is the case of STRAY KIDS, their massive popularity gave it the opportunity to collab with various brands.

Lee Know of STRAY KIDS / Twitter @StayDestination

However, the members are pretty honest with the fans and they are happy to share the little things that they enjoy the most. Recently, Lee Know has proven to be a relevant influencer in Asia with an adorable viral video. This is the story.

STRAY KIDS' Lee Know promotes pudding with a viral video

Is well known that Lee Know of STRAY KIDS loves to eat soft pudding. On June 9th the Idol was talking with the fans via Vlive while he was eating. The group was in Japan for the promotions of "CIRCUS" and their "MANIAC" tour.

Lee Know on Vilive / Twitter @skzinfoesp

During his live broadcast, Lee Know tried a new kind of Japanese soft pudding. His reaction was adorable and hilarious at the same time. He was really happy with the dessert. Al.most immediately, the clip became viral, it has more than 1 million views just on Twitter.

In the next few days, various stores in Japan got a sold-out of this product. On June 14th the Pudding Company posted its gratitude to the Idol for enjoying its product.

Puddings Company post on Twitter / Twitter @channiesk97

That's not all, during STRAY KIDS promotions, the groups attend multiple Tv Shows. One of those introduce the singer as "Lee Know (23). Loves Pudding". STAY thinks is hilarious how the video became so popular on social media.

Lee Know on Japanese Tv show / Twitter @haetbitlinoring

What do you think about it? Would you like to try the pudding?

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