STRAY KIDS' I.N shocks STAY with hilarious reaction to 'Your Eyes' MV

The music video of STRAY KIDS "Your Eyes" is adorable. This is how I.N reacted to the sweet ballad.

STRAY KIDS is getting ready to make a Japanese comeback. The mini album "CIRCUS" will be released on June 22. As a pre-release, the group already dropped two singles: the Japanese version of "MANIAC" and the ballad "Your Eyes".

The music video for "Your Eyes" melted down the heart of STAY. This creative video uses the camera direction in a pretty unique way. Here the viewer became the protagonist of shot moments with the members. It was recorded from the point of view of a girlfriend.

I.N for 'Your Eyes' / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

The song explores that even simple moments of daily life can be really special for a couple. Despite the fanatics loving the video, it could be very sweet even for the members themselves. Let's see what I.N has to say about it.

STRAY KIDS' I.N reacts to the lovely music video of "Your Eyes"

On June 6th (KST) I.N of STRAY KIDS was on Vlive to have a good time with the fans. The Idol was answering questions a singing for STAY. Eventually, he decided to watch the music video for "Your Eyes". He said:

I really can't watch it

In the begging, the singer was just smiling, but when Felix's scene appear he put the cellphone away. He seemed disgusted and lost his calm for a moment. Then I.N watched himself on the screen, again he looked embarrassed while covering his face.

I.N reacting to 'Your Eyes' / Twitter @jisungscene

He continued laughing about Changbin outfit. Watching the rest of the video wasn't easy for I.N. He added funny comments but he couldn't hide his embarrassment. In the end, he was really exhausted.

For sure, it was very difficult to watch his hyungs acting so lovey-dovey. Did you like the music video? Or, your reaction was similar to I.N's one?

STRAY KIDS' popularity is not a joke. Here is the reason why the fans love the group that much.

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