STRAY KIDS' I.N shares emotive message after their successful concert in Japan

STRAY KIDS went to the stage with the "MANIAC" tour in Japan. After the sold-out concert, I.N talked about his gratitude to Japanese STAY.

STRAY KIDS is on its way to conquering the world. At the moment, the JYP Entertainment group is one of the most important Korean music acts. These talented Idols are always giving us the best hits.

Just a few months ago, the singers released the album "ODDINARY". It is considered one of the best K-Pop albums dropped in the first half of 2022. It makes sense, every single track in this project is amazing.

STRAY KIDS in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

Now, the group is promoting its Japanese mini-album "CIRCUS", again it has nothing but great music. At the same time, the Idols came to Japan with their world tour "MANIAC". It was a whole success. This is what I.N has to say about it.

STRAY KIDS rocks Japan with its "MANIC world tour

On June 12th (JST) STRAY KIDS held its second concert in Japan with the world tour "MANIAC". Both events in Kobe were a whole success. The stadium was completely full and ready to enjoy the greatest hits of the group.

'MANIAC' concert in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

Not only the public has a great time but the members as well. All of them looked truly happy to perform in front of STAY. The powerful daces, awesome raps and vocals, and a wonderful scenario. Every single detail was perfect!

Just a few hours later, I.N talked about the event expressing how meaningful it was for him. He mentioned that despite STRAY just having debuted years ago, they're receiving a lot of love en support.

I'm really happy that we are welcomed warmly. This isn't a dream, huh?

I'm really happy.

It seems like these two nights were very important for the members as well. The members are constantly showing their gratitude to the fans. They are so sweet!

Would you like to attend a STRAY KIDS concert?

Just a few days ago STRAY KIDS and NCT Dream showed their adorable friendship. Read this article to know more about it.

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