STRAY KIDS for '2 Kids Room' STRAY KIDS for '2 Kids Room'

STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin reveals how severe Bang Chan used to be during their trainee days

Bang Chan, the leader of STRAY KIDS used to be very harsh with the members. This is what Hyunjin has to say about the trainee days.

The members of STRAY KIDS are unstoppable. The K-Pop sensation is conquering the world with its great music. Whatever language the group use for their song, it will be a whole success just like the new Japanese single "CIRCUS".

Why is STRAY KIDS so popular? Well, here you can find very talented singers that can do everything. The members are powerful rapers, charismatic dancers, creative producers, and flawless performers. Such a great combo!

STRAY KIDS in Japan J/ Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

However, their journey to being one of the most popular groups of the moment required a lot of effort. These talented Idols have a difficult trainee period. Hyunjin talked about the severe behavior of the leader Bang Chan back then.

STRAY KIDS' Hunjin and Banbg Chan open up about their trainee memories

On June 13th STRAY KIDS' official YouTube channel dropped a new episode of "2 Kids Room". This time, Bang Chan and Hyujin had a meaningful conversation. Eventually, they shared their trainee days' memories. Hyunjin explained that back then Bang Chas was different.

Bang Chan was a bit stern because it was really cruel. If he wanted us to debut with him he'd have to scold us and grow apart from each other in order to debut together.

The Idol think that it was the hardest reality to face as a trainee. He also expressed that all of them were very young, including the leader who had to scold them, it was like, "A kid leading kids". Meanwhile, Bang Chan said that nowadays he is sorry about it.

There' are so many things I'm sorry about and I wonder why I did some of the things  I did. I think those things make me want to protect you even more.

Hyunjin and Bang Chan for '2 Kids Room' / Twitter @Stray_Kids

According to Hyunjin, nowadays Bang Chan is an easy-going person. They said that all that experiences help to become even closer. It seems like both of them really appreciate their friendship. Check the full video here.

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Just a few days ago, STRAY KIDS held an amazing concert in Japan. This is the emotive message that I.N gave to the fans after the event.

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