Hyunjin is trending on TikTok Hyunjin is trending on TikTok

STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin and his God's Menu dance is trending on TikTok and here's why

Hyunjin is reigning on TikTok for his choreography of STRAY KIDS' 'God's Menu', what makes it so special?

Hyunjin is trending on TikTok especially in Japan for his 'God's Menu' dance that everyone now wants to imitate.

STRAY KIDS is a K-Pop group with extremely talented members. One of them is Hwang Hyunjin who has specialized in dance since his time as a trainee and is now part of DANCERACHA, the dancer sub-unit within his idol group, his talent is amazing.

So we have seen Hyunjin shine in each of SKZ's choreography, his performances are great and this idol adds more to each dance when the idol group takes the stage. Also Hyunjin has worked solo with his dance, where he can further exploit his skills with other songs.

This is why in October 2021, Hyunjin was at the ATOM, shining with his great way of dancing and impressing a lot of fans who may not have known his work with SKZ but directly stanned him when they saw his great skills as a dancer. Hyunjin is one of the best in his generation.

Perhaps this is why Hyunjin has now become a big TikTok trend with his part in 'God's Menu', this is how the STRAY KIDS idol becomes relevant once again thanks to his work as a dancer.

Hyunjin's dance on STRAY KIDS' God's Menu is taking over TikTok, this is how it became a trend

A fan account edited Hyunjin's choreography on 'God's Menu' but putting in another song, this video quickly got many likes and views. Now, more content creators on TikTok are replicating Hyunjin's dance and this is what has made the STRAY KIDS idol a trend within said platform.

Hyunjin is trending on TikTok | Twitter: @Daily_HJupdates

Especially, there are many content creators from Japan replicating this trend of Hyunjin created by fans, don't you think it's cool? We hope that soon you will also upload a video to the platform replicating Hyunjinnie's dance.


Hyunjin has also been active on the special STRAY KIDS TikTok account for Japan

Hyunjin is becoming the king of Japan and the idol group recently had their Japanese comeback and he has also been active on the official STRAY KIDS TikTok account special for Japan. This video is also being very popular with thousands of likes, comments and more.

We love the TikToks of the STRAY KIDS idols and the great popularity they are gaining on this great platform. STAY supports them on all social networks.

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