STRAY KIDS' Han gets hurt during chaotic arrival at Korea Airport

After finishing its concerts in Japan, STRAY KIDS is back in Korea. During their arrival, Han was pushed by the fans who were waiting to see the Idols.

We all would be very happy to see in person our favorite K-Pop artist. Is common to see that the fanatics attend the airports to welcome their Idols. However, this situation could turn really complicated for the artist and security staff.

STRAY KIDS just finished its schedule in Japan. The members were protomitng its latest mini-album "CIRCUS". At the same time, they held various concerts for the world tour "MANIC". The group had wonderful days in that country.

STRAY KIDS concert in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

After a couple of weeks, the singers of "Thunderous" got back to Korea. The fanatics were excited to see the members again. Unfourtanly, the enthusiasm was bigger than the security, and Han got hurt. Here's all the information.

Han gets hurt during STRAY KIDS' arrival in Korea

On June 20 (KST) STRAY KIDS arrived at the Incheon International Airport in Korea. As usual, there was a huge crowd waiting for the members. The airport was full of fans and photographers. The members were kindly greeting all of them.

STRAY KIDS' Han arriving in Korea / Twitter @skzinfoesp

When they were leaving the place, the crowd surrounded them. The security staff was not enough t control the situation. The fans were pushing the crew and the members. Eventually, Han fell, apparently his arm got hurt.

The members and security staff helped him, but the Idol seemed to be affected. His teammates were very concerned about Han. Even after the incident, the Idol continues greeting the journalists with a soft smile.

International STAY is deeply worried about this issue.  Fans are asking to stop to attend the airports. Also, they are calling out the fans to respect the members' personal space. Security staff can't protect the group by themselves. What do you think about it?

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