Han and Lee Know from STRAY KIDS Han and Lee Know from STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS' Han & Lee Know reveal why they are true soulmates

All the members of STRAY KIDS have a great chemistry with each other. However, Han and Lee Know think they have a special relationship.

An important key for a long lasting K-Pop group is the good relationship among the members. STRAY KIDS has shown they have a strong brotherhood.

In recent days their agency has been revealing some interviews with the members. These videos are a great opportunity to have a better glimpse of how their relationship is.

The video with Han and Lee Know as protagonists is here. They are going to melt down your heart with their sweet conversation.

STRAY KIDS for '2 Kids Room' / By @stayvillesp

Han and Lee Know from STRAY KIDS explain how close they are

On May 9th the STRAY KIDS official Youtube dropped a new episode of the series "2 Kids Room". This time Lee Know and Han are having a serious conversation.

The rest of the members explained that Han and Lee Know have a really close relationship because they have a similar sense of humor and they never stop talking to each other. Usually, they hang out to have dinner together.

Changbin talking about Han & Lee Know / By @stayvillesp

Hyunjin said that these two are like an old couple because they don't fight but they always bicker and at the end they will eat together. Han confessed he likes Lee Know for his weird and unique personality.

Eventually Han asked Lee Know: Do you still think I'm your soulmate? Lee know answered  that he don't need to do that:

Even if you don't think about those things, you get along well and  your body moves first.

Then, Han said that's why Lee Know moves first and thinks later. With laughs they  conclude they are one. They are lovely!

What do you think about their friendship? Do you envy their good chemistry?

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