STRAY KIDS' Felix and Han STRAY KIDS' Felix and Han

STRAY KIDS' Felix confesses how important is Han's positive influence in his life

STRAY KIDS dropped a new episode of 2 Kids Room. Feliz confessed how important Han is in his life.

Behind the success of a K-Pop group, there is the friendship of the members. The Idols spend a lot of time together, they shared a lot of moments since they were pretty young. That is why some of these artists consider their groups a family.

This is the case of the global sensation, STRAY KIDS. The talented singers have talked about how important their brotherhood is. They are on their way to conquering the world always supporting and taking care of each other.

SATRY KIDS' Han and Felix / Twitter @Stray_Kids

The group released the show 2 Kids Room to share with the fans more about their friendship. The latest episode has Felix and Han as protagonists. STAY is melting down with the sweet confessions of the Idols during this video.

STRAY KIDS Han and Feliz talk about their lovely friendship

On July 4th the new episode of 2 Kids Room was revealed. STRAY KIDS' Han confessed that during his debut days he was a little bit rebel. He used to fight with the members but after seeing Felix's cuteness he changed and start to joke around. He added:

We both like hugging more than talking. And you're the only member who takes my hugs well.

The Idols were talking about the best charms. Felix shared his deep admiration for Han. The rapper said his teammate's life is like a party. Since he is fun and easygoing, all the eyes are looking at him. Felix expressed:

When everyone else is tired and exhausted when you come to the room your energy is really high, and you joke around very well. [...] I really like that. I was also a bit tired, but you always influence others around you like a vitamin.

Felix explained that thanks to Han he gets energy. He called him a "human vitamin". It seems like Han truly appreciates his words. Their brotherhood is adorable! Do you want to see more of their stories? Check the full video here.

STRAY KIDS was forced to cancel two of the concert with the tour "MANIC". STAY was a little bit worried, so the leader Bang Chan talked about the health of the members. This is what the talented Idol has to say about it.

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