STRAY KIDS' Felix and Zico STRAY KIDS' Felix and Zico

STRAY KIDS' Felix and Zico drive the fans crazy with their 'Freak' TikTok challenge

STRAY KIDS Felix and Zico recorded a powerful TikTok video. Their 'Freak' challenge is making the fans crazy.

Zico is back with the mini album "Grown Ass Kid". As usual, the taled rapper dropped just hits. We are talking about one of the most successful Korean soloists ever. His anticipated comeback is shaking the industry again.

The former member of Block B is in the middle of the album promotions. As you may know, one of the most popular ways to promote a new song is doing a TikTok challenge. Nowadays, K-Pop artists are supporting each other via this platform.

Zico's new album cover / Twitter @LeeArin08

The members of STRAY KIDS are skillful dancers. Felix is showing his amazing talent again while encouraging Zico's comeback. This powerful duet is all over the Internet. We are telling you everything.

STRAY KIDS Felix and Zico dance together to 'Freak'

On August 3rd Zico dropped on his TikTok account a video of himself with Felix of STRAY KIDS. In the clip, the superstars are dancing to the new powerful Zico's single "Freak". Both of them are wearing casual but cool outfits.

Immediately, the fans of these talented artists were shocked by the video. The choreography is amazing! Their dance is very energetic, also, their coordination and synchronization are out of this world.

The two of them are super skillful dancers. It looks like Felix is performing his own song. The stage presence of these rappers is not a joke. Their chemistry and charisma will make you play the video on repeat.

During live streaming via Vlive, Felix said that he had a lot of fun while recording the TikTok challenge. You can feel his happiness while watching the video. Would you like to see a collab by these talented artists?

STRAY KIDS held a hilarious birthday party for STAY. Read more about it here.

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