STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin, Lee Know and Felix STRAY KIDS' Hyunjin, Lee Know and Felix

STRAY KIDS' Felix, Hyunjin and Lee Know are finally back in Korea after the 'MANIC' tour

STRAY KIDS just finish the insane world tour 'MANIAC'. Hyunjin, Felix and Lee Know are back in Korea.

The first semester of 2022 was awesome for STRAY KIDS' career. At the begging of the year, the K-Pop sensation conquered the Billboard charts with its album  "ODDINARY". Is impossible not to love this album.

Just a couple of months later, "CIRCUS" became the most successful Japanese album of the group. Its singles were really popular even outside Japan. STAY will never forget the super sweet "Your Eyes" music video and the rest of this era.

'MANIAC' last concert in Tokyo / Twitter @OngakuPia

That's not all, the singer of "God's Menu" visited three countries with the soul out tour "MANIAC". Suche a hectic schedule! Finally, the member are taking a rest and go back home. This is how Felix, Hyunjin, and Lee Know were welcomed in Korea.

STAY welcome Felix, Hyinjin and Lee Know to Korea

On July 30th Lee Know, Hyunjin and Felix arrived at the Incheon International Airport in Korea. These good-looking Idols are back home after STRAY KIDS' schedule in Japan finished. Some fans and the press were waiting to welcome them.

Hyunjin and Felix at the airport / Twitter @lovedaisy_hf
Lee know at the airport / Twitter @leeknowisaGOD

It seems like the members have different schedules. On July 28 and 29th Hyunjin dropped on Instagram some pictures that made STAY very happy. The handsome singer shared that he visited a museum and more.

Hyunjin's post / Instagram @realstraykids

Apparently, the members are enjoying their free time in their own way. The fans are relieved to see them resting after the busy schedule o the last few months. However, there is already a rumor about them coming back with a new album.

Anyways, fantastic from all over the world are wishing them a good rest. Meanwhile, The group is celebrating its fandom with the STAYweeK. The Idols are revealing a lot of surprises such as the 'Moment with STAY' videos.  Read more about these adorable vlogs here.

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