Bang Chan loves STAY so much Bang Chan loves STAY so much

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan would give his life for STAY and this promise proves it

Bang Chan's love for STAY is gigantic and the STRAY KIDS leader made a promise to his fans that he will surely keep

STAY and STRAY KIDS have a great relationship, the fandom and the group work as a great team that we all love to see in action. Not forgetting that they both also share a great love and Bang Chan proves that there is nothing else he loves more than his fans.

The members of STRAY KIDS work hard on their music and they are not only limited to singing and performing. Their work starts from the studio where they write, compose and produce the best songs for their fans. They really put their heart into every track they release.

This is why SKZ has managed to touch the core of so many people around the world. STAY is the great fandom that has been formed to show all their love, support, admiration and respect for this great K-Pop group. Millions of people have come together to serve as a great support for this boy band.

Bang Chan is the leader of STRAY KIDS who not only cares about himself and his members, but also about STAY. This idol seeks to have a maximum closeness to his fans, that is why he created the weekly program 'Chan's Room' with which he shares a lot with each SKZ fan. As well as being active on the Bubble social network where he can have more interactions with fans.

So we know that Chan's love for STAY is simply huge and he also made a promise that proves that he would give his life to make his fans happy. What did the leader of STRAY KIDS say?

Bang Chan promised to protect STAY at all times, this is the STRAY KIDS leader's love for his fans

The concert series that STRAY KIDS held in South Korea to kick off their worldwide tour 'MANIAC' culminated in a lot of emotions for both STAY and the idols. At the end of the last concert, Bang Chan was really touched by the moments that he had shared with his fans during those concerts. So he made a beautiful promise for those who have loved and supported him.

I’m gonna protect you. Each one of you! All the staff, fans I’m gonna protect you all. No one sets a finger on them


So really, Bang Chan will take care of STAY and his members, he would give his life for his fans who have loved and supported him so much since his debut with SKZ until now. The fandom continues to grow and so will the love and support continue to grow.

Why does Bang Chan love STRAY KIDS and STAY so much?

Bang Chan also exposed a little more of his history and feelings during this STRAY KIDS concert, do you know why he loves his group and his fans so much? Because he left everything behind to fight for this dream of becoming an artist. He came from Australia alone and was a JYP Entertainment trainee for 7 years watching his friends debut and he was still on the waiting list.

Chan went through extremely difficult times that we may not be able to imagine, but you know how they felt seeing him suffer with those memories. But now, everything is so different and he is happy to have his groupmates and a great fandom that will never abandon him and that will show him the great brilliance that he has wherever he goes.

Bang Chan is a great leader, he does his job in an exceptional way. He doesn't just focus on himself, he takes care of his teammates, his fandom, and works hard to show his best in every comeback. Chan Best Leader! Keep up the good work and thank you for bringing so much happiness to STAY.

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