STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan suffers in his new 'Chan's Room' episode, his video goes viral

STRAY KIDS' leader fulfilled the challenge of eating super spicy ramen. Bang Chan's suffering is now a viral video.

STARY KIDS has many shows created to let the fans see more of the members' chemistry. The K-Pop sensation is also known for being very fun. These talented Idols give their best to have a good time with STAY through their shows.

However, despite being pretty simple, "Chan's Room" has a special place in the fans' hearts. The good-looking leader Bang Chan offers this show mostly once per week. He prepares a playlist for the day, talks with STAY and has a delicious dinner.

Bang Chan on Vlive / Twitter @BangChanPHL

It is a great opportunity to know the Idol better. He is very open in the show, he shares everything with the fans. The most recent episode is all over the Internet because of his funny reactions. He faced the most difficult challenge of his life.

Bang Chan tries super spicy ramen on his show 'Chan's Room'

Just like he promised, on July 31st Bang Chan was on Vlive for a new episode of 'Chan's Room'. This time, the protagonist was the super spicy ramen that he had to try for the first time. The enthusiastic STRAY KIDS leader started the challenge with a positive mindset.

He was repeating to himself, "We can do it. This is nothing, we can do it, Chris". However, his reactions were hilarious. He was drinking water and milk to reduce the effects. He also was moving around while dancing and singing.

Despite the pain, the singer didn't give up, eventually, he finished the Spicy Fire Noodles. He was really proud. Immediately, STAY took social media to spread the hilarious clip. Of course, the fans created many edited versions that are even funnier.

Bang Chan's meme / Twitter @flashiebang

At the same time, there are tons of memes on Twitter. It seems like the fans are enjoying Bang Chan's challenge. The talented rapper was in pain but his fans are very happy with the show.

Meme by STAY / Twitter @MlNHORIZON

Would you like to try this spicy ramen?

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