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STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan reacts to be called the 4th generation leader group

Certainly, STRAY KIDS is one of the biggest K-Pop groups of the moment.  After hearing that they are called the leaders of the 4th generation Bang Chan revealed this.     

This week the boy group STRAY KIDS became the first Korean artists to have an album for seven weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. Since its release "ODDINARY" has  been conquering tons of records all over the world.

On the other the group sold out all ,the concerts for the tour "MANIAC" in North America as soon as the sale was opened. The beginning of the tour in Seoul was a whole succes the fans were really happy to see the members on an offline concert.

STRAY KIDS is living one of the best moments of its career. There is no doubt its popularity is increasing every day. However, the Idols keep their feet in the ground. You are gonna love fall for the leader Bang Chan after listen to his words.

Bang Chan don't want to STRAY KIDS to be called the leader of the current K-Pop generation

On May 14th (KST) STRAY KIDS' leader  Bang Chan was on live broadcasting for another episode of this popular Vlive show "Chan's room". As usual he was sharing his playlist of the day and answering  some questions of the fans.

Bang Chan on Vlive / By @hi_its_me_hihi

The Idols were asked about being called the 4th generation leader group. This was his response:

We do not call ourselves that. We have such a long way to go. We have too much to grow up. I don't think we are.

Bang Chan explained that despite not accepting the title, hearing it is a good thing. There is no problem fighting for it.

We would try to be. I think it is a good motivation to always keep trying hard.

The humble leader continued saying that the group fur sure will be working hard but he rejected the title. He said:

I can't call us that, definitely I cannot. That's not right.

STAY, what do you think about Bang Chan's words?

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