Bang Chan's advices for STAY Bang Chan's advices for STAY

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan has the best anti-boredom formula for STAY

Boredom is never a problem for STAY but if you feel that way, Bang Chan has the best cure to that feeling with STRAY KIDS

Bang Chan always cares about STAY and his fandom is well, so the leader of STRAY KIDS takes every opportunity to advise his fans, what to do if STAY is sad or bored?

STRAY KIDS is a great K-Pop group that has quickly gained the affection of the public thanks to the talent and dedication of each of its members. His story shows all the effort that idols have put into shining in the studio and on stage. There is much we can admire about them.

Bang Chan is the leader of SKZ, a very dedicated artist who is passionate about music. Chan doesn't limit his work to just singing and rapping for his idol group, he has also worked as a producer and songwriter for his boy band. He is a multi-talented and complete idol whom we can admire endlessly.

Also, Christopher has a beautiful personality, always looking out for his members and STAY no matter what. This is why the leader of STRAY KIDS created 'Chan's Room', a weekly program in which he usually spends time with his fans through VLive and where we have had many iconic moments and advice from the idol.

This time, Bang Chan has the best formula for when STAY is sad or bored, what can you do on those days? STRAY KIDS idol will tell you.

Bang Chan tells STAY what to do when they're sad or bored, STRAY KIDS will cheer up their fans

On Bang Chan's most recent broadcast on Chan's Room, the STRAY KIDS leader gave STAY the best advice to unburden or cheer up on a day that fans may not feel so good, this is what the SKZ idol had to say.

If you’re ever bored or feeling low think about STRAY KIDS so you’re happier and your day becomes a little more fun too! or you can watch that zoom live that we did


Now you know, STRAY KIDS will always be there to STAY, to make you feel better at any time when your emotions or feelings may be low.

Bang Chan also gives STAY good advice when his fans have a crush on someone

In the same Chan's Room, Bang Chan also gave STAY some advice, not to be afraid of rejection and to be yourself in front of people you like and not to have high expectations. Maybe prepare for the bad but always expect something good. Although it is a complicated topic for him too, he tries to give his fans some great advice.

Bang Chan gives the best advice for STAY | Twitter: @Im_Give

Follow the advice of the leader of STRAY KIDS, because although he is someone young, he is also someone very wise and intelligent who has good words for STAY at all times.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS and its members, like this new record on Billboard that shows the great sopport from STAY. 

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