Stray Kids' Bang Chan Stray Kids' Bang Chan

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan celebrates 11 years with STAY on social media

11 years ago Stray Kids' Bang Chan was accepted by JYP Entertainment. The fans are creating a big celebration on social media.

Stray Kids is always giving us great hits. "MANIAC", "Thunderous", "Back Door", "Side Effects" or "God's Menu". All these were written by Bang Chan. The leader of the group takes an important place for the creation of their music.

STAY is celebrating the hardworking leader. His talent, his passion and big affection for the rest of the members are just a few reasons why the fans are so happy with this day dedicated to Bang Chang. Here are the most precious things the world needs to know about him.

11 years with Stray Kids' Bang Chan

Some year ago the leader of Stray Kids revealed he joined JYP Entertainment on April 11. In response the fandom celebrates this date the apportation and achievements of the Idol. This year the hashtags #11YearsWithBangChan and the phrase BANG CHAN GENIUS LEADER is at the top of trendings on Twitter.

The Internet is full of messages thanking him for sharing his music. His talent as a composer and producer is for sure a big factor for Stray Kids success. His passion is inside all of the group's albums, and the public can feel it. That's why "ODDINARY" right now is breaking records.

The personality of the rapper is another reason why the hearts of the fans are melting, they are recalling those moments. Like the time after Stray Kids performance on Inkigayo when he showed his consideration walking up to the camera men with a smile to thank him for his work with a handshake. 

Bang Chan for Inkigayo / By @SKZMYBangChan

His lovely relationship with the rest of the members is also admired. The singer is constantly taking care of the guys. With a simple affectionate action like helping them with their clothes or with some warm words to support them when they are feeling down, he always tries to help.

Bang Chan helping Stray Kids members / By @vi0l3ts_

We love how the leader treat the fans!

STAY, What is your favorite side of Bang Chan?

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