Bang Chan of STRAY KIDS and NMIXX's Lily Bang Chan of STRAY KIDS and NMIXX's Lily

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan and NMIXX's Lily traveled together to New York, this is what they shared

STRAY KIDS Bang Chan and Lily of NMIXX are close friends. The Aussie Idol talked about their trip to New Yourk

The talented leader of STRAY KIDS is well known for his easy-going personality. Bang Chan is can look a little bit tough on stage, but STAY knows that he is actually an adorable person. The charismatic Idol has too many friends in the industry.

Right now the boy group under JYP Entertainment is ruling the game. The singers of "Thunderous" are one of the most relevant Korean acts in the world. Some people call Bang Chan the best leader of the 4th generation. Anyways, the rapper and producer is very humble.

Bang Chan of STRAY KIDS / Twitter @moonwolffie

Just a few days ago he talked about his pre-debut memories. He revealed that he is a close friend of Lily from the rookie group NMIXX. Finally, the just debuted Idol has shared his side of the story. This is what they said.

Bang Chan and NMIXX's Lily talk about their lovely friendship

On June 26th STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan was on Vlive talking about New York. The Idol revealed that the first time that he visited the city was a long time ago and he traveled with Lily from NMIXX.

Bang Chan on Vlive / Twitter @BangChanPHL

Apparently, they have been close friends since their trainee days in JYPE. As you may know, both artists are from Australia. It's great that they supported each other when they left their homes to become singers in Korea.

On July 9th Lily talked about her trips. She said that she went to New York once with Bang Chan and another time with her teammate Haewon. The rookie Idol confessed that there was a trip to Los Angeles. It seems like the JYP artists spend a lot of time traveling together.

Lily talking about her trips / Twitter @NMIXXGLOBAL

Almost at the same time, the talented singer of "O.O" revealed that her favorite song by STRAY KIDS are "Back Door" and "God's Menu". Their friendship is adorable. Both fandoms would love to see them together in collaboration.

STRAY KIDS will be dropping a new album pretty soon. We have all the details for you.

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