STRAY KIDS' Feliz and BAng Chan STRAY KIDS' Feliz and BAng Chan

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan and Felix recall the best memories of their friendship

Bang Chan and Feliz are the Australian members of STRAY KIDS. They have revealed how special their friendship is because of this reason.

STRAY KIDS is leaving a great moment in its career. This powerful group has been conquering the global chart with its insane music. These talented Idols have given us awesome hits such as "MANIAC" and "God's Menu".

In the upcoming days, the K-Pop sensation will be starting its world tour in the United States. As soon as the ticket sale was open, all the concerts got sold out. No one can stop STRAY KIDS.

STRAY KIDS members / Twitter @LiON_Hynjn

Behind the fierce performances and the massive popularity, the members of this group have an adorable chemistry. Recently, they have been dropping the series 2 Kids Room to show more about their friendship. The latest episode with Felix and Bang Chan will melt down your heart.

Felix and Bang Chan talk about the most precious things about their friendship

For a recent episode of 2 Kids Room. Bang Chan and Felix shared a lot of memories from their time together. Since both of them came from Australia, they connect immediately after they met for the first time. Bang Chan explained:

I feel like we've just been connected. When we are together we don't have to be always lovey-dovey to show love. This itself is really comfortable. Actually, it's like family.

Felix continues revealing that unconsciously he has imitated Bang Chan's pose during their photoshoots. Meanwhile, the leader got into the habit of touching his ear a lot since he spent too much time with Felix.

The Idol also explained that his relationship with the leader is different according to the moment. He said:

On stage or on schedule, it's like a Hyung vibe. But then, when it's just us is more like friends hanging out.

Both of them mixed Korean and English to share their thoughts. For sure they have lived too many things together and their friendship right now is very strong. Check the full video here.

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