STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan adn Chris Evans STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan adn Chris Evans

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan adds Chris Evans to his celebrity crush list

Bang Chan, the leader of STRAY KIDS seems to be a fan of Chris Evans. This is what he has to say about the actor.

STRAY KIDS is on its way to conquering the global music industry. Right now, the K-Pop sensation is having a successful tour in Japan. At the same time, these powerful Idols are promoting their latest mini-album "CIRCUS".

Is impossible to say what is the best song of the group. As you may know, the members produce their own music. These good-looking singers always drop insane beats that were made to climb the charts.

STRAY KIDS 'MANIAC' concert in Japan / Twitter @Stray_Kids_JP

Even after getting massive popularity, the members show how grounded they are. Is common to see them talking about their respect and admiration for other celebrities. The leader Bang Chan has revealed what he likes about Chris Evans. This is what he said.

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan thinks Chris Evans is cute

On June 19th Bang Chan from STRAY KIDS was on Vlive with another episode of his show Chan's Room. As usual, the handsome Idols revealed a new playlist while talking with the fans. He revealed that he watched the 'Chris Evans play with puppies' interview.

Chris Evans is cute too. But the puppies were, like, adorable!!!

Bang Chan on Vlive / Twitter @chaeunnwooo

Immediately, STAY went crazy after hearing the news. In the first place, Bang Chan is well known for being an animal lover. The fans are wishing for the group to be invited to this type of interview.

On the other hand, the fans are updating Bang Chan's celebrity crush list. the Idol has talked about it previously. At the top of the list is Ryan Reynolds, his teammates, Felix and Lee Know are included as well. Finally, DAY6's Young K has also a special place in the heart of the leader.

The fans think is adorable how Bang Chan shares his passions and preferences. He is so enthusiastic while talking about cute things, just like Chris Evans. What do you think about it?

Recently, STRAY KIDS sang "Start Lost" in honor of a fan who passed away. Read more about it in this article.

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