Bag Chan and I.N from STRAY KIDS Bag Chan and I.N from STRAY KIDS

STRAY KIDS' Bang Chan & I.N share how meaningful BTS' song 'Spring Day' is for them

STRAY KIDS has talked about their respect for BTS. The members reveal their love for the iconic song "Spring Day".

STRAY KIDS' schedule is really busy these days. The group under JYP Entertaiment is in the middle of their tour "MANIAC". All the shows are already sold out.

Despite the members having a lot of work to do, they are still trying to keep in touch with the fans via social media. Almost daily the members have been on live broadcasting to have a talk with STAY.

The leader of the group Bang Chan has his own show on Vlive called "Channie's room". Usually, the Idol takes social media to talk about music, his reaction to some K-Pop videos and his favorite songs.

Bang Chan and I.N on Vlive / By @WeveStayMontge_

On his latest streaming the maknae of the group I.N joined Bang Chan. Eventually, they revealed how they feel when they listen to the BTS song "Spring Day".

Bang Chan and I.N from STRAY KIDS are feeling moved because of the words of BTS song "Spring Day".

On May 3th STRAY KIDS members Bang Chan and I.N were on live broadcasting talking about music on Vlive. The leader prepared a playlist for his show "Chan's Room". This time he includes the iconic song of BTS "Spring day". As soon as it started both of them were quietly enjoying the music. After some minutes, Bang Chan said:

It's a song that you look for every spring even after time passes.

STRAY KIDS on Vlive / By @ARodLoveMusic

The Idols explained that the song makes them feel chills because of the deep meaning. They feel warm after listening to the track. the leader added:

The lyrics are really good. It is  precious and full of meaning.

"Spring Day" was released in 2017. Just like STRAY KIDS, the world is still in love with this beautiful song.

STAY, do you also love "Spring day"? We do!

Just a few days ago Bang Chan gave an emotional speech for the fans, read the full story here.

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