SHINee is celebrating its 14th anniversary SHINee is celebrating its 14th anniversary

SHINee turns 14 since their debut, this is how the group celebrated their anniversary

It's been 14 years since SHINee debuted and all of their members showed up to celebrate

All the Shawols are celebrating SHINee's 14th anniversary and even the members of the group were able to make a special appearance to celebrate this year together.

SHINee is an amazing K-Pop group that has become quite the legend. This idol group debuted on May 25, 2008 with the single 'Replay' under the SM Enteetainment label. 5 boys full of dreams and goals began their journey in this musical genre impacting many fans.

Soon, SHINee would continue to grow and conquer the public in Korea and Asia first, to finally take over the world and make Shawol an international fandom. The history of this boy band has not been easy and even had one of the most painful losses in the world of K-Pop.

SHINee member Jonghyun would have ended his life in 2017, it was sad and painful news for SHINee and all his fans, something that left a mark on the entire K-Pop industry as well because by then, he and his group were already loved for millions of fans who couldn't get over this loss.

But despite the bad times, there are also many good times and we can have SHINee's happiness in our lives and their musical legacy. Especially today that the K-Pop group is celebrating their 14th anniversary, isn't that great? We can see them shine for another year.

SHINee celebrates their 14th anniversary with special photos on Instagram

The 4 members of SHINee posted a special photo and message on Instagram for their 14th anniversary. Even Taemin who is in his military service took the time to make a special post for this new anniversary of his K-Pop group. Here we have all their messages and photos.


Happy SHINee day

Onew's post | Instagram: @dlstmxkakwldrl


Happy 14th anniversary (...) I always care you

Key's anniversary post | Instagram: @bumkeyk


Our 14th anniversary

Minho on Instagram | Instagram: @choiminho_1209


Always be with you

Taemin's post | Instagram: @lm_____ltm

 SHINee also celebrated their anniversary on YouTube

SHINee also posted a commemorative video on YouTube with everything from their 14th anniversary, a brief review of all the years of the idol group from their debut until now.

Are you still celebrating SHINee's 14 years? It's just amazing to have this idol group still, their fans have grown with these idols and in the future we can still see more of them.

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