Seungkwan, Hoshi and DK from SEVENTEEN Seungkwan, Hoshi and DK from SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN's subunit BooSeokSoon will be making a comeback in 2022

In just one week SEVENTEEN will release its album "Face The Sun". BooSeokSoon subunit has great news as well: it will be back this year.

Are you ready for the new album of SEVENTEEN? The K-Pop sensation is coming back with "Face The Sun" on May 27. The fans are really excited for this project. The leader S.Coups announced that it will show a new side of the group never seen before.

Apparently, the single title "HOT" will continue with the story we saw in the "Darl+ing" music video. The members were living in a perfect world free of worries. Eventually they realize that nothing is real and they fall into a dark place.

SEVENTEEN for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

We can't wait to see what SEVENTEEN has prepared for their new music. The promotional schedule already began. The Idols are revealing even more details about their future plans. This is what they said about BooSeokSoon comeback.

BooSeokSoon announces comeback for the end of 2022

On May 19 (KST) it was revealed the first episode of the collaboration between MMGT and GOING SEVENTEEN. For the show JaeJae and Seungwan worked together to host it. As usual, we saw the members sharing some hilarious moments while having a casual talk.

SEVENTEEN with JaeJae / By @svntncarat17_

JaeJae is well known for being a K-Pop music lover. She asked the group if there was any plan about a BooSeokSoon comeback. Seungkwan explained that if there are people that are waiting for it then they will be able to release new music.

Dokyeom added that they also want it and he encouraged Seungkwan to give an announcement. Hoshi joined DK and finally Seungkwan said:

BooSeokSoon! Please look forward to the end of the year!

The rest of the members were a little bit confused.  DK clarified that they will make it happen now that it was announced. BSS made its debut in 2018 with the energetic song "Just Do It". Since then CARAT has been waiting to see this trio again on stage.

SEVENTEEN's schedule is full until november 2022 but we are sure the fans can wait a little bit more to listen to BSS' new music.

Their North America tour "Be The Sun" will arrive to various cities. All the information is in this article for you.

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