SEVENTEEN's new album name and release date have been revealed

SEVENTEEN is exciting everyone with more details about their comeback. Finally, we know the name of the new album and the release.

The latest album of the K-Pop sensation SEVENTEEN was released in October 2021. "Attacca" got amazing record sales and was at the top of the charts.

The singers of "Rock with You" are coming back with new music. Just a few days ago the group dropped their first English single "Darl+ing". The song got the first place in iTunes charts in more than 30 countries.

This song is just an advance for the upcoming SEVENTEEN album. Since the pre-release track was a whole success, there is a lot of expectation for the full album. 

SEVENTEEN memebers for 'Darl+ing' / By @pledis_17

SEVENTEEN is doing their comeback with "FACE THE SUN"

At midnight of April 22 (KST) the official SEVENTEEN Twitter account revealed the date for "FACE THE SUN" the new album of the group.

SEVENTEEN's 'FACE THE SUN' promotional / By @pledis_17

It will be dropped on May 27 at 1PM (KST), this time PLEDIS Entertainment gave the date for the western time: May 27 0AM.

"FACE THE SUN" will be the third full album of the group. SEVENTEEN already have the "Million Seller" title for five of their albums. Could the members get this achievement again?

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN's first movie "Power of Love" is in cinemas all over the world. The popularity of the group is not a joke!

CARAT are you excited for the new album? We can't wait for it!

Read more about the story behind the "Darl+ing" music video.

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