SEVENTEEN's movie 'Power of Love' premiere is almost here, are you ready?

The first movie of SEVENTEEN, Power of Love, is almost here. Are you ready? Check all the details to enjoy it.

A couple of months ago PLEDIS Entertainment announced the K-Pop sensation SEVENTEEN will be releasing their first movie "Power of Love".

The global premiere will be on April 20 and another show will be held on April 23. CARATs from all over the world would enjoy the group on the big screen.

If you are not ready yet for the movie, don't worry, we got you. We are answering all your questions.

'Power of Love' poster / By @CaratSquad_

What is "Power of Love" about?

During 2021 SEVENTEEN released their music project "Power Of Love" with two albums that explore different sides of the love. In November of the same year the group offered an online concert with the same name. 

In the tasers of the movie we can see the movie will be showing some performances of that concert. On the other hand, the members defined the movie as a "love letter" for the fans.

To increase your curiosity, check how Vernon and Joshua introduce the movie.

Can I watch "Power of Love" in my country?

The SEVENTEEN label took care of all the details to get our tickets. To know the movie will be available in your community check the official website. Just fill your location, it will show you the closet cinema.

Hurry up! The tickets are almost sold out.

What do I need to attend the "Power of Love" premiere?

Before the movie premiere don't forget to check if there are tickets available. Also, you need to look for the health instructions according to the cinema and your country. 

Some cinemas will offer special souvenirs for the movie, you should ask the staff about it.

Get ready to have a good time, and why not? meet new CARAT friends.

We can't wait for it! See you there CARAT!

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