How does Woozi's studio looks like? How does Woozi's studio looks like?

SEVENTEEN's Woozi's studio is so unique you can even see it from outside HYBE

Woozi is the producer of SEVENTEEN and he chose a design in his studio so cool that it stands out among the other departments in HYBE

Lee Jihoon not only stands out for his great musical ingenuity, he also stands out because his studio is very special, why can you see him from outside of HYBE?

SEVENTEEN is a group with extremely talented and dedicated artists, the music of this idol group is even more special since they have an active participation in the creation and production of each album. Especially Woozi, who with her team in the studio will bring the best tracks for the fans.

Since the beginning of SVT, Lee Jihoon wrote, composed, and produced for the idol group. This member of the boy band is very talented at writing songs and each of SEVENTEEN's hits is thanks to the great creativity and work that Woozi puts into each track. He knows his members very well and knows how to perfectly put together the songs for the group.

Even at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards Jihoon won the award for best producer, an amazing achievement for him and for SEVENTEEN as well. Of course, he doesn't work alone and CARAT knows BUMZU very well who has been part of his production team since time immemorial, so his work is really valuable for the fans and the group.

Woozi brought a very unique style to his studio at HYBE and it's so cool that you can even see it from outside the building, what makes this SEVENTEEN idol's workspace stand out?

What does SEVENTEEN's Woozi's studio look like? You can see it even from outside HYBE

Woozi made his studio a very nice place for him and the thing that stands out the most when you're outside of HYBE is the ceiling, because it has a kind of constellation that glows in the dark, so walking outside the building you can see how beautiful it is. the ceiling of said study shines.

Lee Jihoon only had to ask his company to design his own workspace and that is how he gave a more unique and comfortable style to his place, where SVT's new masterpieces are now born and with which they continue to conquer the music industry. .

Woozi just had to request for his cool studio | Twitter: @WOOAHAEBOT

What is Woozi's studio like inside?

Woozi has shared many photos of the interior of his studio, so we can get a better look at how SEVENTEEN's producer designed it. The purple color predominates almost everywhere, also many neon lights. It has the beautiful ceiling design with the stars, some pieces of art specially made for Jihoon, other collectibles and obviously his equipment for work. 

Inside Woozi's studio | Twitter: @hansollieee

There are four paintings in Woozi's studio of things he doesn't do, having tattoos, smoking, drinking, and having tattoos. That's a fun fact.

Paintings in Woozi's studio | Twitter: @1woo17

Now you know Woozi's great workplace, we love to see how this space is for him and how cool it looks, it has all the stamp of this artists and musical genius everywhere.

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