Woozi and the meaning of '_WORLD' Woozi and the meaning of '_WORLD'

SEVENTEEN's Woozi revealed what the underscore in _WORLD means on Sector 17

Woozi was the creator of '_WORLD', the title track of SEVENTEEN's 'Sector 17', and he explained what the underscore in the title of this song means

CARAT is loving '_WORLD' the latest title track that SEVENTEEN released on 'Sector 17', as the creator of this song, Woozi revealed what the underscore in the title means and how he used it.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group filled with extremely talented members who are dedicated to music. It is one of the so-called self-produced groups because its members have an active participation in the creation and production of songs and also in their choreographies and many other contents.

We can mainly highlight Woozi because he, with his team of writers, composers and producers, is in charge of working on the songs of SVT. He is the genius behind many of this boy band's tracks, in fact Jihoon is called the producer of SEVENTEEN and last year he won an award for being the best.

In each SEVENTEEN comeback, Woozi works hard on each song, and for the idol group's most recent comeback with 'Sector 17', of course Lee Jihoon put all his creativity back into each track of the repackage. This time, SVT is conquering us with '_WORLD', a great song that we can't stop enjoying.

As you can see, this title track has an underscore before the word 'world', do you know what it means? Woozi said why that underscore is there and also how he used it in this SEVENTEEN song.

What does the underscore mean in SEVENTEEN's song _WORLD? Woozi revealed to CARAT why this element is there

In one of the video calls that SEVENTEEN has with their fans, CARAT asked Woozi what was the meaning of the underscore in the song '_WORLD', he said that it is a line for all the people who listen to the song to put the word they want, exemplified with 'Beautiful World' and 'Shining World', so fans can put whatever word they want in the title of the song.

So you can put whatever word you want before 'WORLD', maybe think about how SEVENTEEN makes you feel, what world the idol group puts you in with their amazing music. A 'Perfect World', a 'Hopeful World', can be whatever SVT makes you feel.

What word does Woozi put for '_WORLD'?

CARAT also asked Woozi what word he puts in the title of '_WORLD' and he replied just the name of his fandom, aw! For him it is the CARAT WORLD created by SEVENTEEN in Sector 17.

I'm already grateful enough that the '_' is CARAT.... CARAT WORLD 


So '_WORLD' has a special meaning for SEVENTEEN and CARAT, of course, like every song the idol group releases.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and Sector 17, here we tell you more about 'Circles', another song from this album that also has a special meaning.

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