Wonwoo only hugs his fanboys for this reason Wonwoo only hugs his fanboys for this reason

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo would only hug his male fans, here's the reason why

No matter what gender CARAT identifes with, it will always love and support SEVENTEEN but fans have realized that Wonwoo only hugs his fanboys, what is the reason?

SEVENTEEN has millions of fans around the world and no matter what gender or sexual orientation each fan identifies with, what matters is that the group has touched their hearts with music. Although Wonwoo also usually offers the best hugs for his fans, exclusively for his fanboys.

With their music and performances, SEVENTEEN has managed to conquer the entire world, today it is the second most listened K-Pop group in the planet and its popularity and fame keep growing. This 13-member idol group has a perfect formula for the studio and the stage, which is why it has caught the attention of so many fans.

CARAT is the fandom that is responsible for supporting and loving SVT and its members, the group has a large fanbase that extends around the world. These fans are the ones who lead the group to reach all their goals and break great records with each new comeback or project they prepare for their followers.

Although we might find a larger number of people who identify as female in SEVENTEEN's fandom, there are also those who identify as male, and obviously the group has non-binary fans as well. And the boy band loves each of its fans equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other characteristic.

Although if we focus on those who are CARAT boys, we will see that they are very lucky, as Wonwoo usually hugs them warmly.This has aroused the jealousy of other fans, and they even asked the SEVENTEEN rapper why will he only hugs fanboys and here we have the answer.

Wonwoo explained why he only usually hugs SEVENTEEN fanboys

During a fansing, a CARAT girl decided to ask Wonwoo why he only hugs fanboys and not fangirls at these kinds of events or others where SEVENTEEN can spend time with their fans in person. To the fan's surprise, Wonu naturally answered this question.

It's because fanboys are the only ones that ask for a hug. Would Noona like a hug too?

Wonwoo's fanboys are the only ones who ask him for a hug | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

OP got shy with this response, so she said that she was okay, LOL, but now you know, if you want a hug from Wonwoo, the only thing that you need to do is ask for it.

How does Wonwoo treat his fans?

Wonwoo, just like all of SEVENTEEN members is really grateful for his fans and he loves CARAT as much as the fandom love him, we've seen him have the best interactions with them on fancalls, but sometimes he even takes time to read about them on Weverse. He even tries to please them with their requests and bring more happiness to his fanbase. He is an admirable idol and he saves all his sweetness and love exclusively for CARAT.

Wonwoo loves his fans as much as they love him | Twitter: @QBall_Ww

Wonwoo is an amazing singer, rapper, lyricist, dancer, but he's also a great human being and has a big heart. There's a lot to admire from him.

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