SEVENTEE's "Face The Sun" trailer SEVENTEE's "Face The Sun" trailer

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo is facing the sun for the last '13 Inner Shadows' trailer

SEVENTEEN is finishing the individual trailers series "13 Inner Shadows". Wonwoo stars a new preview for the upcoming album "Face The Sun".

We know that the whole SEVENTEEN fandom is really confused. The trailer series "13 Inner Shadows" has offered some hints about the new album of the group.

CARAT has been trying to solve the puzzle. At the moment the theories of the fans pointed that "Face The Sun" will continue with the story of "Darl+ing" music video.

In the first English single of SEVENTEEN we saw the members living in a world similar to Neverland. Eventually they realize that it is not reality and they fall into a dark  world. As soon as they get there they are already hurt.

The mysterious teaser videos explore the personal fears of the singers of "Rock With You". However, the line between the symbols about the members and the ones from the story is not clear. Finally the last trailer is here. Let's see what Wonwoo has for us.

Wonwoo for "13 Inner Shadows" trailer / By @dawncheol

Wonwoo stars new trailer for SEVENTEEN new album "Face The Sun"

HYBE official Youtube channel has revealed the last individual teaser for the series "13 Inner Shadows" on May 8th. Wonwoo is in charge of concluding this period.

In the video the handsome Idol is driving an awesome yellow car. Eventually, the highway comes to an end and stops. In the middle of the desert he finds a sign that indicates the road is closed.

He takes a second to look at the camera and without any doubts Wonwoo decides to walk forwards to the sunset. No matter if the path in the desert it's over, he will continue on his own way.

The fans are realizing that S.Coups was facing the dark in the first trailer and this time Wonwoo is facing the sun. Again we are in front of this duality, it is a constant reference for the upcoming SEVENTEEN album.

If you want to know more about the symbolism behind the dark and light world of "Face The Sun", read this article with all the details about the previous teaser starring Jun

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