Wonwoo's childhood dreams, he wanted to work in many other things Wonwoo's childhood dreams, he wanted to work in many other things

SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo had many other dream jobs before becoming a trainee

Wonwoo is today one of the rappers of SEVENTEEN, but this was not something he dreamed of as a child, what did he want to be before becoming an idol?

SEVENTEEN has some very talented artists among their ranks and Wonwoo is one of them, although he may not have seen himself working in the music world before, do you know what his dream job was when he was a child?

SEVENTEEN is a group of 13 members, which is why it has extremely talented, dedicated and passionate boys. They all work very well as a team and that is why they have become one of the most important K-Pop bands. They have millions of fans, great popularity and fame all over the world.

Among the members of SVT we can find Jeon Wonwoo, he belongs to the Hip-Hop Team of the idol group, for which he is a rapper. But Wonwoo not only stands out for his great style and way of rapping. He is also an excellent singer with beautiful ranges and he is a great dancer as well.

Ever since Wonwoo joined Pledis Entertainment through audition, he has worked hard to hone his skills and shine as brightly as he does now. He might seem serious and is quite introverted, but he actually has a big heart, a beautiful personality, and is very funny with his members and with CARAT as well.

Today, Wonu is a highly recognized artist and stands out for his amazing musical abilities, but maybe this is not something he had dreamed of from the beginning. Wonwoo dreamed of other jobs before joining SEVENTEEN, what did he want to do?

Wonwoo wanted to have these jobs before becoming a trainee and debuting with SEVENTEEN

A while ago, SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo was interviewed in HMV magazine. One of the questions was about his childhood dreams, Wonu started talking about what he wanted to be when he grows up. He remembers that when he was in kindergarten he wanted to be a scientist. As he grew older, a new interest came into his life, so he now wanted to be a Pro Gamer.

Finally, Wonwoo became interested in music, in fact he knew how to play the guitar. That's when he wished he could work as an artist, go on tour and reach many people with his songs. But it wasn't until he auditioned for Pledis Entertainment that he pursued his dream of being a singer.

Wonwoo became a great singer | Twitter: @wonwoofiles

For Wonwoo, music is a way of expressing emotions, so he can share his joys and sorrows with his audience, which fans can also identify with.

What dreams does SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo have in the present?

From that interview, until some time ago, Wonwoo has always expressed that he dreams of continuing to work with SEVENTEEN, creating good memories with CARAT and its members, having fun, and sharing more of their music. Wonu has always had the sweetest words for his fans and encourages them to continue despite adversity.

Wonwoo has more dreams | Twitter: @wonwoofiles

We know that whatever dream Wonwoo has, he will be able to fulfill it because he is someone extremely strong and intelligent, talented and brilliant. He has a good heart and a very sweet soul that is reflected with his fellow SEVENTEEN members and his fandom. We hope that Wonu never stops dreaming.

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