SEVENTEEN got their 5th win with _WORLD SEVENTEEN got their 5th win with _WORLD

SEVENTEEN's _WORLD achieves its fifth win and breaks the group's win-curse

SEVENTEEN keeps racking up wins with '_WORLD' and now this song has broken the 4th win curse with its 5th trophy

For 6 comebacks, SEVENTEEN couldn't beat 4 wins on Korean music shows until now, as '_WORLD' has achieved its 5th trophy, will it reach the song with the most wins in SVT history?

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group with 13 amazing members who work hard on every comeback and performance for their fans. This time they had a double with 'Face The Sun' and their repackage 'Sector 17'. Both albums became Million Sellers since pre-sale and streaming on digital platforms has also stood out.

There is no doubt that SVT is one of the most relevant groups in the entire industry and it shows every time they return to the stage. CARAT has grown exponentially for a few years and the fandom remains faithful and happy with each new release of the boy band. The affection of the fans is reflected in various aspects.

And one of them in fact is the wins that the idol group gets, as for all K-Pop groups, having trophies from Korean music shows is important. And voting and streaming count for these. During the last comebacks, the maximum number of wins that SEVENTEEN obtained was 4.

But now, with '_WORLD' they have reached the 5th trophy, this breaks the SEVENTEEN 4-win curse and makes the hearts of both idols and CARAT happy, how did their 5 win take the title track of 'Sector 17? '?

SEVENTEEN breaks their 4th win curse with _WORLD which got their 5th trophy for this comeback

SEVENTEEN's '_WORLD' got their 5th win on M! Countdown, with this the idol group surpasses its record of wins for the last comebacks, even if it hasn't obtained the highest number of victories which is not yet surpassed, the maximum number of trophies that SVT obtained was only 4. So the curse of the 4th win, it's over, yaay!

CARAT and the members of SEVENTEEN are all very happy, they even showed their love to their fans on Weverse, where they thanked for the 5th win of '_WORLD'.

SEVENTEEN thanking CARAT for the 5th win of _WORLD | Twitter: @wonubliss

What is the SEVENTEEN song with the most wins?

'Home' is SEVENTEEN's song with the most wins, this track is from 'You Make My Dawn' and won a total of 10 South Korean music show trophies. Since then the K-Pop group has obtained from 2 to 4 wins in each comeback. So far SVT got their 5th win with '_WORLD'.


Will '_WORLD' be able to reach the number of wins from 'Home'? OMG, we hope so, it would be very exciting, but if he doesn't, then that would be fine too because at least the record of 4 wins is already broken.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Jeonghan who revealed which is his favorite song now.

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