Why is vernonline Vernon's Instagram username? Why is vernonline Vernon's Instagram username?

SEVENTEEN's Vernon reveals the reason behind his creative vernonline username

Vernon often has very iconic usernames on social media, why did you decide to use 'vernonline' on Instagram?

Vernon has used 3 different usernames on his official Instagram account, the first one was iconic, the second left many CARATs sad and the third one came back stronger than ever. Why is this SEVENTEEN rapper's username 'vernonline' now? He revealed the reason behind its creation.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group that has great members. Among them we find Hansol Chwe Vernon, a rapper from the idol group who is therefore in the group's Hip-Hop Team. He is the youngest in this sub-unit, but also the one who has released the most solo releases.

So through his music with SVT and his solo mixtapes, Vernon has shown his great creativity as a writer, great talent as a singer, rapper and dancer. Hansol also has a very unique and fun personality. He can sometimes seem like someone who is withdrawn and introverted, but the truth is that he saves his best for CARAT.

In social networks we can also realize the great sense of humor that Vernon has. On his Weverse and Instagram account, he has shown us to be extremely funny and witty. CARAT is sometimes surprised by what this idol says but he also knows what his peculiar way of joking is.

Even with his creative usernames, Vernon has surprised us, the one he now has on Instagram is 'vernonline' which many fans found clever, what is the origin of this SEVENTEEN idol username?

SEVENTEEN's Vernon tells the story behind his Instagram username 'vernonline'

At Face The Sun promotions, SEVENTEEN have video calls with their fans, in one of these, CARAT asked Vernon why he changed his username from 'vernon_98' to 'vernonline' on Instagram. This is a play on words between Vernon and Online, in case you missed it. Hansol just said that he changed it because basically people would know his age by seeing his username and he didn't like this at all.

The story behind Venon's vernonline username | Twitter: @GAM3BO1

So now you know, Vernon didn't want people to know his age as soon as they followed him and thus his clever new username 'vernonline' was born, very clever of him, we hope this username will stick around forever.

Although Vernon's first Instagram username was the best

Vernon's first Instagram username was 'chwenotchew', hinting at his surname Chwe which is surely constantly mispronounced, so he didn't put it there to begin with. After that great username, he changed it to 'vernon_98' which is now 'vernonline', so make sure you follow Hansol's official account.

Vernon Instagram username's history | Twitter: @min9yu_tttop

Vernon's hilarious sense of humor and great creativity also come through on his Instagram users, isn't that great? We adore this amazing rapper with his mastermind for humor.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like DK who shared a special recipe for CARAT, he wants fans to eat healthy. 

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