SEVENTEEN's Vernon charms CARAT with his tattoos SEVENTEEN's Vernon charms CARAT with his tattoos

SEVENTEEN's Vernon and his tattoos that wrecked all of CARATLAND

SEVENTEEN is releasing daily teasers for 'Face The Sun' and Vernon used some tattoos for his, how does he look with ink on his skin?

Are Vernon's tattoos real? The SEVENTEEN rapper appeared with some designs on his arm for the latest 'Face The Sun' teaser, and CARAT was completely blown away by the idol's look.

SEVENTEEN has extremely talented and dedicated artists, including Vernon. He is part of the Hip-Hop team in the group, therefore he is one of the rappers. Although he is not only agile and quick with his verses, Hansol is also a very good singer and dancer for his band.

In addition, the creativity and work of Chwe Hansol Vernon is not only limited to the stage. He has also worked as a writer for some songs of his subunit, of the group and even in his mixtapes he has worked alone. Even though Vernon might seem like someone serious and reserved, the truth is that he has a beautiful personality that CARAT has come to appreciate over time.

And we can't forget about the amazing visuals of this rapper, Vernon has Korean and American roots, which are perfectly combined in his physical characteristics. This has made him one of the most attractive idols, he really draws a lot of attention just by seeing him. And he has a unique style that makes fans fall in love with him even more.

Now, Vernon appeared with tattoos, in his teaser for 'Face The Sun' he was seen with ink on his skin and this stopped the world, CARATLAND turned upside down now that Nonie is the official bias wrecker of SEVENTEEN, how does he look tattooed ?

SEVENTEEN's Vernon appears with tattoos and becomes CARAT's official bias wrecker

In SEVENTEEN's latest teaser for 'Face The Sun' starring Vernon, the group's rapper appears with tattoos on his arm. We can see Hansol in a bathtub and also swimming, but it is in the first set where the designs on his skin with his ink are more visible.

CARAT found among Vernon's tattoos a rabbit, a chandelier and an hourglass, can you see anything else among these designs that was put on his skin?

Vernon's tattoos | Twitter: @miwon17_

 These Vernon tattoos made him the official bias wrecker of the group and now all of CARAT can't stop admiring how good the rapper looks with these designs on his skin, will they ever become real?

Vernon spoiled about his tattoos earlier

We know that a lot of what SEVENTEEN does turns into spoilers but until the full product is released and we find out about what they said/did/posted meant. The same thing happened with Vernon, the idol shared a rabbit tattoo that appears in 'Matrix' as a spoiler for his tattoos.

Vernon spoilerd his tattoos | Twitter: @wonuhvc

These tattoos also increased the excitement for 'Face The Sun' because now CARAT can't stop thinking about a tattooed photocard of Vernon, will it become a reality? We can't wait for SVT's new album to arrive! It opens on May 27 and is already on pre-sale.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, like Dino who is not very good at picking CARAT's love hints. 

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