SEVENTEEN's THE8 opens about the most difficult time of his life

THE8 has revealed how SEVENTEEN and his work as a singer changed his life. This is how he overcame the hard times.

Among the K-Pop groups there are just a few that are famous because of their teamwork and their strong friendship at the same time. We have to mention SEVENTEEN as an honorific group with this characteristic.

13 Idols move on stage like they share just one soul. Their synchronization can make jaws drop to the biggest crowns. Even if it seems impossible, this group also is the best example of great brotherhood out of the scenarios.

SEVENTEEN members / By @svtnnyy

In the next few weeks these talented Idols will be celebrating their 7th anniversary and they are working on too many surprises for the fans. While  they are recalling the best moments of their career THE8 confess an emotive episode. This is what he said.

THE8 reveals the biggest lesson of his life

On May 20 the SEVENTEEN's Youtube channel dropped a couple of videos to revealed the new merch the group prepared for their 7th anniversary. The members were asked about the moment considered as the turning point of their lives.

THE8 for 'Face The Sun' / By @pledis_17

While the rest of the members were paying attention, THE8 answered with an emotive episode. He confessed that during their Japanese Tour he was having the most difficult time of his life. He added:

I went through those times and I learned a lesson out of it.

I realized that I should love others and appreciate life more after that experience.

Nowadays, CARAT already knows that THE8 loves to meditate to relax and love the little things of life. According to some members he has changed a lot since the debut and he has grown up as an artist and person as well.

Meanwhile, the leader S.Coups pointed to the renewing contract period as the moment that makes him realize the precious memories with the group.

What do you think about it? THE8 is always showing his love for SEVENTEEN. We can learn a lot about his mindset. Check here the full interview.

SEVENTEEN is already breaking records with "Face The Sun". Read this article to know more about it.

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