The8 is diagnosed with COVID-19 after taking two tests The8 is diagnosed with COVID-19 after taking two tests

SEVENTEEN's THE8 is diagnosed with COVID-19, he's recovering right now

Minghao from SEVENTEEN started his recovery since he tested positive for COVID-19, how is he feeling right now?

Sadly, another member from SEVENTEEN is dagnosed with COVID-19, this time is THE8 who got sick and now he's starting with his recovery.

SEVENTEEN members have been working during this time, even if the pandemic is not over yet, they had their comebacks, online shows, and even they were a part of Weverse Con 2022, where they were able to give a concert with their fans.

There are a lot of plans for SVT for this year, the idol group confirmed its next fanmeeting, 'SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND' had its first teasers since the idols are ready to be reunited with their fans in Korea, and this event is also going to be streamed online for CARAT all over the world.

But rigth now, the fandom is truly worried about their idols, since some of them are sick and recovering from COVID-19, the first one who was diagnosed with this sickness, was Wonwoo, then we he recovered successfully, it was announced that Vernon tested positive for the sickness too.

Then the list got longer, since S.Coups tested positive too, then DK and Seungkwan, CARAT is showing its support for the artists, but the bad news for SEVENTEEN fans are not over yet since now it's THE8 who's sick.

THE8 from SEVENTEEN starts with his recovery since he's diagnosed with COVID-19

Pledis Entertainment announced that THE8 was diagnosed with COVID-19, even if Minghao tested negative at first, he had some symptoms, so he took another test and that one resulted as positive. So, the agency says he started with his recovery period.

Pledis says that he'd be unable to continue with his scheduled activities, and the staff will take care of him and the other artists.

THE8 is diagnosed with COVID-19 | Twitter: @17wonwoogif

Right now, CARAT is showing its love and support for THE8 while he's recovering, we wish him to have a speedy and successful recovery.

CARAT wants CARATLAND to postpone, so SEVENTEEN members can rest well and be healthy

Since SEVENTEEN in CARATLAND is scheduled for March 25th, 26thm 27th, CARAT said that the fandom can wait if this fanmeeting is postponed, the fandom just wants their idols to be healthy and safe. The fans know that SVT's members need to rest well for their recovery.

CARAT writes a message for Pledis Entertainment | Twitter: @brrrSaaa_17

Maybe, SEVENTEEN will be completely healthy when CARATLAND comes, bnut it's better for them to take a rest and recover well before working again.

Get to know more about SEVENTEEN and its members, do you know who belongs to each one of its subunits? This is how they're distributed. 

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