Jun gave THE8 all of his support Jun gave THE8 all of his support

SEVENTEEN's THE8 had full support from Jun during the creation of Hai Cheng

Hai Cheng is SEVENTEEN's THE8's latest song as a solo artist and Jun couldn't help but show all his support and affection to him while working on it

THE8 of SEVENTEEN released a new song that has delighted his fans, how was the making of Hai Cheng? Jun showed his full support for Minghao while he was filming his MV.

The members of SEVENTEEN have great talents and musical abilities that are shown in each new comeback and in the performances of the idol group. Although they have not only done it together, they have also worked as soloists giving more songs for their fans.

THE8 is one of the members of SVT who has released the most solo songs, his tracks have an amazing delicacy, but they are also perfect for dancing. Minghao's voice is just amazing, but so is her talent for dancing in her solo songs has shown it.

Minghao only has songs like 'Side By Side' and 'Falling Down'. Although she also worked together with Jun for 'My I', this is how both SEVENTEEN members stood out as soloists and duos. SVT's China Line is no joke and they strive to do their best for CARAT.

Well, THE8 released a new song, it's called 'Hai Cheng', a soft melody with a melancholy but calming voice of this SEVENTEEN idol and to make the artist's work on his song more bearable, his bandmate Junhui decided to show him all his love and support.

SEVENTEEN's Jun gave all his love and support to THE8 during Hai Cheng's MV filming

On March 18th, SEVENTEEN's THE8 released his latest solo song 'Hai Cheng', during the music video filming for this song, Jun visited Minghao on location, just to give him his great support and love while his group mate was working hard.

 But Jun not only visited Minghao at the location of 'Hai Cheng', he also sent him a food truck to feed and cheer him up as he worked hard on the MV for his song.

Jun sent a foodtruck for Minghao | Twitter: @miss_svtmafia

 Jun and THE8 tell a similar story on their solo MVs

Did you follow THE8's 'Hai Cheng' MV story? Previously, Jun had released 'Silent Board Gate' with its respective music video and in both we can find a very similar story. Both lead us to know the nostalgia that both artists have for their places of origin. Since they both came from China to Korea to fulfill their dreams.

Jun and THE8's MVs | Twitter: @wonubliss

We love China Line, their songs, MVs and also their friendship. It's great for CARAT to have more of their favorite idols within their own songs and music videos.

Keep reading more about SEVENTEEN and its members, we have some of the best Hip-Hop unit's songs that you need on your playlist. 

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