SEVENTEEN's The8 and Mingyu SEVENTEEN's The8 and Mingyu

SEVENTEEN's THE8 and Mingyu share everything about their fancy trip to Busan

THE8 and Mingyu are working as ambassadors of fashion brand Burberry. The members of SEVENTEEN traveled to Busan to attend a fancy fashion event.

Named a K-Pop group in which all members are dancers, vocalists, and visuals. Yes, we were thinking the same: SEVENTEEN. The charismatic 13 Idols are conquering the world thank to their awesome talent and beauty.

Since these good-looking artists have shown their interest in fashion, some of the members have been receiving offers to work in collaboration with some of the most exclusive fashion brands.

THE8 and Mingyu from SEVENTEEN / Twitter @xum8nghao_o2

THE8 and Mingyu stand out because of their fashion style. Their outfits are always on point. Recently, the Idols were invited to a fancy even of the British brand Burberry. They had a wonderful time in Busan.

THE8 and Mingyu has a great time during the Burberry event in Busan

On June 30th (KST) Burberry held a fashion event in Busan. Some of the hottest Korean celebrities were invited to promote the brand. THE8 and Mngyu od SEVENTEEN arrived wearing some colorful outfits of the house design. They look awesome in orange!

THE8 and Mingyu in Busan / Twitter @xum8nghao_o2

The Idols had a photoshoot in various locations in Busan. Apparently, their day finished with a fancy yacht trip. THE8 dropped on Weverse some pictures of him and his teammate enjoying the Busan's sunshine and sea.

As usual, this duet looks gorgeous in the pictures. They look like professional models. THE8 shared his experience with CARAT. He posted:

THE8's post on Weverse / Twitter @svt_weverseES

The event was also fun. I was excited to ride a yacht after a long time. I also took lots of photos of Mingyu.

THE8 in Busan / Twitter @svt_weverseES

Mingyu replied saying that he got burned by the sunlight. However, for sure they had a great time. Their smiles cannot lie, they were very happy. The fans love to see them enjoying their time in the middle of their schedule.

THE8 and Mingyu in Busan / Twitter @mongguri89

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