Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN Seungkwan from SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan stars new trailer for 'Face The Sun'

SEVENTEEN is revealing more hints for their upcoming album "Face The Sun". A new trailer is here with Seungkwan as the protagonist.

The boy group SEVENTEEN will be doing a comeback with a new full album. "Face The Sun" will be released on May 27.

In order to increase the expectations, this time HYBE is revealing individual trailers for the project. We already watched S.Coups, Joshua, The8, Woozi, Hoshi and Jeonghan teasers in the last few days.

Now it has released the video for the Seungwan trailer. Check here the hypnotic video.

SEVENTEEN for 'Darl+ing' / By @HA0RANIT4

Seungkwan stars new trailer for the series SEVENTEEN series "13 Inner Shadows"

On May 2 HYBE LABELS Youtube channel dropped a new clip for the trailer series "13 Inner Shadows". This time Seungkwan is the protagonist. We can see the Idol sitting in a long but narrow corridor.

He looks anxious to find a way out. Eventually he finds a red bottom but when he presses it the corridor becomes infinite.

The fans are reliazing the trailers are a visual interpretation of the fears of the members. In the previous clip we saw Jeonghan getting by himself caugth in a cage. For Woozi video he was having a nigthmare about being on a stage with no audience.

Jeonghan for "13 Inner Shadows " / By @Mi_Ju17

Apparently, "Face The Sun" will continue with the story of "Darl+ing" music video. Here the members were living in an ideal world similar to neverland. At the end they realize all that is a fake reality and they fall into a dark and painful world.

We can't wait to see what SEVENTEEN has prepared for "Face The Sun". What is your favorite trailer at the moment?

SEVENTEEN is getting ready for their sold out fanmeeting in Japan, read all the information here.

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