SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan is so kind SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan is so kind

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan shows his big heart and kindness to this lucky person

What if you meet Seungkwan on the street and then you have an accident with your coffee? This happened to a lucky person who met the SEVENTEEN idol

The members of SEVENTEEN have always proven to be good people and that happens even when there are no cameras rolling, this happened to a lucky person who met Seungkwan in a coffee shop.

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group with 13 members who have worked hard since before their debut to reach great achievements together and shine as bright as they do today as one of the best groups in the South Korean music genre.

Of the SVT idols, we can not only admire their great musical talents, but also their beautiful personalities. Perhaps one of the most recognized is that of Seungkwan, an idol group vocalist who also has great charisma and extroversion, something that has made him a great MC as well.

Boo Seungkwan has been characterized by his unique voice, his ranges are simply incredible, but we have also been able to see his cutest, most mature and sensitive side in various SEVENTEEN contents. There is much that we can appreciate about this artist and all the characteristics of him.

Fame and popularity can make people lose their humility, but it is something that has not happened with SEVENTEEN and Seungkwan is a great proof of this, as he showed his kindness with a lucky person who he gave a coffee.

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan shows his kindness for this person who had an accident with them coffee

Through social media, a person shared an experience they had meeting SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan at a coffee shop. The girl says that she and her friend ordered a coffee and her order came at the same time as Kwan's, perhaps she was nervous if she recognized him and finally ended up spilling her coffee when she wanted to take a straw to drink.

Seeing this, Seungkwan decided to give him his coffee and said 'You can drink mine'. In addition to also cleaning up what the girl had accidentally spilled. The lucky person who met Kwannie said that he was really kind.

The story about Seungkwan and coffee | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

Wow! So this is something that can happen to you if you meet Seungkwan on the street? It's just great and shows us how kind and cute this artist can be and not just waiting for recognition, but it's a true characteristic of him.

A lucky fan met Seungkwan and some NCT members at another coffee shop

Seems like it's easy to find Seungkwan in a coffee shop, recently a fan met the SEVENTEEN idol with NCT's Doyoung and Jungwoo in another coffee shop, they gave her their autographs, wasn't this just great? So if you go to Korea, don't forget to visit a coffee shop, maybe you'll be the next lucky fan to meet Seungkwan.

A lucky fan who spotted NCT and SEVENTEEN members | Twitter: @Dear__Peach214

Everyone wishes they could find their favorite idol somewhere and be able to have a photo with them, their autograph or even a coffee, wow! It would be just great to see Seungkwan in person, he's an amazing artist.

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