SEVENTEEN's Seugkwan adn ASTRO's Moonbin SEVENTEEN's Seugkwan adn ASTRO's Moonbin

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan reveals funny interaction with ASTRO's Moonbin

SEVENTEEN and ASTRO have a close friendship. This is how Moonbin jokes with Seungkwan.

SEVENTEEN is well known for being a group full of members who have easy-going personalities. The K-Pop sensation is also popular -aside from its awesome music- for being really fun. These factors made the group very popular among other Korean celebrities.

These singers have too many close friends in the industry. Idols, actors and even comedians. This is the case of ASTRO, this debut just a few months later than SVT and since their rookies days, they have been supporting each other.

SEVENTEEN members / Twitter @pledis_17

SEVENTEEN just finish its promotions for the album "Face The Sun". The members were celebrating the successful project when they video-called ASTRO's Moonbin. There is no doubt how good friends they are.

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan and ASTRO's Moobin have a hilarious friendship

On June 5th SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan, DK and Seungkwan were on Vlive to celebrate with the fans ths success of "HOT". The Idols were eating, having a drink and sharing funny stories. In the middle of the live broadcast ASTRO's Moonbin video called Seungkwan.

DK, Seungkwan and Jeonghan on Vlive / Twitter @Mi_Ju17

Immediately, the members took the call and greeted his friend from ASTRO. DK told Moobin, "Be careful, we are on Vlive", but Seungkwan clarified: "Don't worry, He doesn't say bad words." Moonbin said hi to the viewers and then they start to joke around.

Moonbin on video-call with Seungkwan / Twitter @beyourstar2000

The members of ASTRO praised DK's voice and how good-looking Jeonghan is. Seungkwan asked, "What about me?". The Idol answered: "You? You're my friend!". Then the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN makes Moonbin choose between him and DK.

Moonbin: DK hyung!
Seungkwan: I like more Eun Woo hyung too.

All the time the members of SEVENTEEN were calling Binnie to the member of ASTRO. They ended up having a drink together to wish the best for both groups.

AROHA, CARAT, are you friends as well?

SEVENTEEN's popularity is not a joke. Check this article to know more about the viral pictures of Mingyu. He is so handsome!

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