Seungkwan and Moon Bin are besties Seungkwan and Moon Bin are besties

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan proves he's AROHA with ASTRO's Moon Bin on Instagram

It seems that SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan, besides being friends with ASTRO's Moon Bin, is also his fans and he proved it on Instagram

Did you know that SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan and ASTRO's Moon Bin are besties? Well, both idols have a beautiful friendship, but Seungkwan is also an AROHA and he proved ti this time.

SEVENTEEN is one of the best K-Pop groups, these idols have worked very hard in order to get all the popularity and fame they have now. It's just because of their amazing songs and performances that they conquered fans' hearts and now have the full support of CARAT.

In SVT we have amazing artists, one of them is Boo Seungkwan, a vocalist in the group who gives each song something special. Seungkwan has also shone as a soloist with some OST for dramas and special appearances on award ceremonies. Or in duo with DK, and also in the Vocal Team's songs.

Seungkwan has also an amazing personality, his bright charisma makes him a great MC for shows, and he's pretty friendly too. That's why Kwan has a lot of friends in K-Pop industry, did you know that he's friends with ASTRO members? One of his besties is Moon Bin.

And Seungkwan proves that he's not only a best friend for Moon Bin, he's also a fan of ASTRO and he has his own name for himself, the SEVENTEEN idol proved it with a new comment on Bin's Instagram post.

Seungkwan is SEVENTEEN's AROHA, he proved it by commenting on ASTRO's Moon Bin on Instagram

Moon Bin updated on Instagram with a couple of pictures, the ASTRO idol looks pretty good in this new post and the comment from his bestie and fan couldn't be missed. Seungkwan left him a message as AROHA or rather 'Booroha', the SEVENTEEN vocalist has his own ASTRO fan name.

Update more often -BooRoha-

Seungkwan's comment on Moon Bin's post | Instagram: @moon_ko_ng

 Awww! We love this pair of idol besties, we also love this 'BooRoha' thing, it's pretty cool and it sounds sooo cute. Kwannie wants Bin to update more often <3.

Seungkwan and Moonbin always prove the most beautiful thing about their friendship

Seungkwan and Moonbin are besties since they were born in the same year, even if Kwan is just 10 days older than Bin, did you know that? These idols have been friends for some time now and they have always prove the best things about their beautiful friendship.

We love these K-Pop besties and they have the best moments together, ASTRO and SEVENTEEN are both amazing groups we admire a lot!

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