SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan for 'Pit A Pat' SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan for 'Pit A Pat'

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan drops 'Pit A Pat', new OST for the K-Drama 'Link: Eat, Love, Kill'

Seungkwan is here with a new OST!  This time the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN is releasing "Pit A Pat", a special song for the K-Drama "Link: Eat, Love, Kill".

Are you watching "Link: Eat, Love, Kill"? No? What are you waiting for? This fantasy show follows the story of  Eun Gye Hoon, a young chef who lost her sister a long time ago. This role is played by Yeo Jin Goo. The female lead role is played by Moon Ga Young. Such a great duet!

When the couple meets, they realize they feel the same emotions. Why do they have this special link? We are sure that you are already curious about it. Well, that is not all, this K-Drama also has the best Original Soundtrack.

'Link: Eat, Love, Kill' OTS poster / Twitter @theseoulstory

Seungkwan, the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN recorded a new song made especially for the series. The super talented singer is an expert in the interpretation of beautiful melodies. Here is everything about "Pit A Pat".

SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan released the OTS "Pit A Pat"

On June 28th Pit a Pat was dropped, it is the new song for the Original Soundtrack of the drama Link: Eat, Love, Kill. SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan is in charge of the interpretation. As always, his voice sounds wonderful.

This time Seungkwan's voice is super soft, it feels like a warm hug. The track has calm beats with a guitar as the protagonist. The chorus is awesome! We can hear the words, "My heart goes pit a pat. Feel like I'm stuck with you".

Seungkwan for 'Pit A Pat' / Twitter @pledis_17

The title and lyrics are a reference to the heartbeat of someone who is in love. The talented Idol put perfectly these emotions in the song. His voice is using a comfy range, starting with some low notes and going to a beautiful climax almost at the end.

We also have to mention the adorable music video. We can see the sweetest moment of the lead couple while listening to Seungkwan's unbelievable vocal performance. It is a gorgeous melody! Check it here.

SEVENTEEN's is getting ready for the repackaged album "Sector 17". Here is the schedule of the project. You shouldn't miss anything. 

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