S.Coups' TMI about THE8 S.Coups' TMI about THE8

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups revealed THE8's TMI we were better off not knowing

SEVENTEEN's leader told something very personal about THE8, what is his secret?

SEVENTEEN is not only a group full of talented members, they can also be very funny and more when they reveal the most secret information, what did S.Coups reveal about THE8 this time?

SEVENTEEN is an excellent K-Pop group with top idols in their lineup. All of them are extremely talented and also have different personalities. The truth is that all these artists are quite funny too and we have noticed it in a lot of extra content that they usually release.

We are sure that SVT is synonymous with fun, wherever the members of this boy band are there will be a lot of laughter and joy, without ceasing to be professionals, of course. Their leader, S.Coups is usually someone who really cares about his members, listens to them and spends as much time with them as he can.

This is why SEVENTEEN has formed a great family, not just co-workers or friends, they are all like brothers and thanks to all the experiences they have gone through. So many years together and others that he has made them so close. So it's no surprise to CARAT that the members of the group know each other so deeply.

And sometimes they can reveal their secrets to the fans, this time Seungcheol told a secret about THE8 that maybe we were better off not knowing, how will we get this image out of mind? Well, now we can't do it. Here we have a new TMI from SEVENTEEN.

S.Coups revealed a secret of THE8 and now CARAT can't help but imagine him like this

Through Weverse, S.Coups of SEVENTEEN shared a very revealing post, in his update he said something that THE8 does and has left CARAT with a mental image that we don't know if fans can survive to. LOL. Well, the comment from the leader of SVT was as follows.

While having a calm time... You are preparing for a tea ceremony, it looks lovely, it's Myung Ho... But can you put on some clothes?

 OMG, it means that, well, Minghao loves his body, there's no doubt and we can see clearly that he likes to show it confidently, that's great... I guess.. but THE8 took the time to reply this post, tho.

You just have to look at it innocently

S.Coups post with a TMI of THE8 on Weverse | Twitter: @svt_Pk_Weverse

 LOL, this TMI really made us laugh a lot, it's really funny... but what would Cheol be thinking sharing it? OMG, now the whole fandom is as 'HOT' as Face The Sun's title track.

Now CARAT thinks this conversation should have stayed in SEVENTEEN's group chat

And to add to the fun of this Cheol post on Weverse we have CARAT's reactions, LOL. The fandom really is as fun as the K-Pop group, and many fans think this conversation should have stayed in SEVENTEEN's group chat, lol, is it too personal?

CARAT's reaction to S.Coups TMI about THE8 | Twitter: @ @dawncheol

Well, this was a lot of fun and now, well, we don't want to imagine Minghao without clothes, right? Or we don't know if our imagination betrays us, but god, he's too funny how this TMI came out of nowhere, did CARAT need it? I don't know, what was the motivation of S.Coups?

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